Review of Wiksten Tank pattern

A linen Wiksten Tank on tour in Italy

Wiksten Tank on tour in Italy

To kick off this blog, I’m starting with a review of the infamous Wiksten Tank top pattern which I actually made last year but haven’t got round to blogging about until now.

This was a really simple, quick and easy pattern to make.  Jenny Gordy, the designer of Wiksten patterns, gives very straightforward and clear instructions which are accompanied by photos to guide you through every step of the making process.

Apart from the foolproof instructions in the patterns, the real genius of Jenny’s designs are how basic they are and how seamlessly they can blend into every wardrobe.  The pattern comes in two lengths – tank top and ‘dress’ – although I would describe the dress as a tunic.  They can be made up in a variety of fabrics, each giving them a unique look and purpose.

On the downside, I don’t think that this top is particularly flattering on my body shape.  It’s cut quite low at the front so I have to double tank it to make it decent!  It’s probably more suitable for people more generously endowed than myself.  When I make this pattern again, I’ll raise the front neckline a few centimetres.

The fabric I used for this top is a lovely lightweight linen that I got online at France Duval-Stalla.  As the name suggests, this is a French store that stocks many organic quality and Made in France fabrics.  The quality of the linen is excellent – lightweight enough for a summer  top but substantial enough so that it is not too sheer and see-through, which is just as well because it wasn’t very cheap.  However so far it’s wearing well.  It’s been thrown in the washing machine several times and is still looking crisp and white so hopefully it was money well spent.

Overall, I’m really happy with this top.  It was a satisfying and easy make and a good basic addition to my summer wardrobe.






2 thoughts on “Review of Wiksten Tank pattern

  1. Hey, it looks great! I am working with this pattern right now. I’ve had to make the neckline higher and the armholes smaller as well as making the “straps” shorter. Did you have any of these problems? I’m finding it a nightmare despite all of the raving

    • Hi Diana, thanks for your comment. I didn’t make the neckline higher but I probably should have done! Mine is also gaping at the arms but I’ve worn mine more as an over-tank or tunic because it is on the roomy side even though I made the extra small size. I’ve seen other versions though floating around the net and it looks great on lots of people as a stand alone tank. Unfortunately, perhaps like you, this hasn’t been my experience! I wish you luck with yours and hope that the adjustments work out for you!

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