The cutest slipper socks ever!

The weather has taken an abrupt turn for the worse here. After a perfectly pleasant and tolerable t-shirt wearing autumn, we’re now heading full speed into cold, dark winter.

warm and sunny autumn

warm and sunny autumn

This is fine by me, I can get stuck into sewing up the cosy wools that have waited patiently for my attention, but getting the kids to grasp the season change has proved another matter entirely! They resist wearing extra clothing layers like you wouldn’t believe and we live in Germany where it’s ‘verboten’ for kids to go out hatless when it’s less than twenty degrees celsius! Trying to get them appropriately dressed for the chillier weather is a constant uphill battle! If they had their way, they would spend all of their days running around naked.


The problem isn’t only when we’re outside either. We’ve got stone floors in our house. Great when it’s baking hot in summer, not so good when you’re freezing in winter and trying to get the kids to wear something on their feet at home was proving impossible.

cuter than your average slipper sock!

cuter than your average slipper sock!

Until that is, I came across these adorable slipper socks! Then I instantly knew that my parental woes were over – well at least in terms of banishing cold feet as a source of worry!

sizes and designs for the whole family

sizes and designs for the whole family

Thankfully our kids love them and have chilly toes no more!

They come in children’s and adult sizes so the whole family can enjoy them. If cute faces aren’t your thing, they come in a variety of designs and colours too.

Their non-slip and breathable soles, make these slipper socks very practical and a bit more special than your average ones. Their design reminds me of Japanese ‘jikatabi’, or rubber soled socks, split between the big toe and the second toe that are worn by workmen in Japan and hark back to ‘ninja’ days.

Hard-wearing soles with a good grip

Hard-wearing soles with a good grip

You can dance, run and do all sorts of fancy ‘ninja’ type moves in these!

Flexible and perforated sole

Flexible and perforated sole

The best bit though is they’re still being made by the fifth generation of a French family in one of the last textile companies in France! Here at YoSaMi, we’re right behind businesses making quality stuff in Europe.

Made in France

Made in France

They’re machine washable too! Really what’s not to love???!!

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P.S. Almost finished my silk Anna dress by By Hand London and have a few other finished makes to share reviews of, including my Tilly and the Buttons Miette skirts , so will be back soon with those.

Are your autumn sewing plans going well?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,



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